2018 Colorado Media Survey finds a Sizable Market for Digital, Local News

A Colorado Media Project survey of 2,000+ Coloradans has found there’s a market of about 2.4 million digitally-savvy residents who are interested in state, local, and neighborhood news, and who read more than headlines.

More than 1 million of these Coloradans are also willing to pay for local news — the first time this market has been quantified. The news is particularly important in an ever-changing media landscape where print publications are struggling, local audience attention is fragmented, and digital-native sources continue to emerge.

Detailed findings from the survey, conducted and analyzed by Research Now and the Boston Consulting Group in July 2018, also found that:

  • Members of this 1 million-person target market most often read news on a mobile device several times per day

  • (41%). They are 83% more likely than average Coloradans to consume a local digital news outlet.

  • Their top motivation for consuming news is to learn about things that impact their life (74%); they are less interested in abstract topics.

  • Local government and political news was highest on the list of content types these potential readers are seeking (47%), and were the topics they would be most willing to pay for (35%).

  • Older Coloradans are significantly more likely to pay for news than are readers in the 18-44 age range.

  • Of the 39% of Coloradans who pay for news, only 8% of those are paying for for a digital outlet – leaving much room for growth in this sector.

To see detailed results, see: