CMP leverages national and local resources in service of local news organizations. We work as “ecosystem builders,” connecting Colorado’s news organizations and individual journalists with funding, training, technology, and program opportunities that are focused on the “three C’s” – Capacity, Collaboration, and Community – with the goal of improving news and information for Colorado’s diverse communities. While CMP may work with individual newsrooms on particular projects, the organization exists to support the local news ecosystem as a whole, and is agnostic about for-profit and non-profit business models for news.

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With the decline of traditional business models for local news, Colorado’s news organizations are in a struggle for survival. First and foremost CMP works to help local news organizations develop sustainability and scale.


If the local news organizations of the past thrived on competition, with fewer resources, the present and future require cooperation. CMP strives to be a connector, instigator, and resource provider for collaboration among newsrooms.


Through events, communications, and other means, CMP seeks to broaden and deepen community support for local journalism, from philanthropy to individual donors to eager readers and consumers of news.

Current projects

Epic Pass” for local news

With support from the Membership Puzzle Project, we are working with five adventurous Colorado newsrooms to create a joint marketing and membership pilot project to launch in fall 2019. (Here’s how to apply.) With collaboration, can we increase capacity and revenue for all?


As new business models and ownership structures emerge for local news, is there a new role for public support? A CMP-led public policy study this summer will convene local, state, and national experts to explore how special districts, tax credit programs, or other incentives might facilitate the evolution of public-interest journalism as we know it.


With the University of Denver, we’re wrangling datasets and reaching out to immigrant communities to prepare for a Migrahack on September 27-28. Journalists, developers, and community members will work together over the two-day unconference to create visualizations, tools, and other creative ideas to deepen coverage about immigration. (Read: What is a Migrahack?)

Arts & Culture

Colorado’s vibrant arts scene is growing, even as local arts journalism has suffered from decreasing resources. With support from the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation, we are working with CPR/Denverite and Rocky Mountain PBS, along with other news and arts organizations big and small, to listen carefully to our communities about what’s missing from arts and cultural coverage, and think together about ways news organizations can better serve this need.

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